Insane Superhero Body Paint You Need to See!

We’ve all seen incredible examples of cosplay and body Paint that we just had to share with others. But sometimes there are individuals that are just so incredibly talented that they stand out above the rest. Here are 5 incredible examples of insane superhero body paint you’ll really want to share!

KayPikeFashion – This woman can create anything!

Amazing Superhero Body Paint – Superhero under human flesh.

Madeyewlook – Who doesn’t love Iron Man!?

Claire Dim – Get that classic comic book look. Unreal!

Barcroft TV – A ‘MARVEL-OUS’ make-up artist. KA-POW!

This group of super talented artists are really creating a name for themselves while racking up thousands of YouTube viewers.

Know of other incredibly talented make-up artists that deserve more attention? Share them in the comments below and let us know!

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