SCOTTeVEST, Brings Style Back Into Tech Wear

iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Phablets, If you find yourself increasingly carrying one or more of these devices with you wherever you go, you’re not alone. But at least you can feel good knowing that you’re in good company. Last year, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (who by the way is on the board of SCOTTeVEST ) gave Gizmodo readers some insight into the amazing contents of his travel backpack, and revealed that he needed a whopping seven containers to get through airport security.

The fact is that, he’s not alone in carrying so many devices with him. Naked Security, a research team conducted a survey to find out how many devices people carried around with them every day. The result as you would expect was embarrassingly high.

  • The average user carries around 2.9 devices.
  • The highest number of devices carried by one person is 12!


So it’s clear, there’s certainly no lack of STUFF we carry with us constantly, not to mention all those non-tech daily essentials like keys, notebooks, bottled water, ID cards and so on. That’s where Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder of SCOTTEVEST (“Scott-e-Vest” get it?) comes in.

Since 2000 SCOTTeVEST has been creating tech-enabled pocket-filled smart clothing that are perfectly designed for the modern man on the go.

To really understand how SCOTTeVEST came to be and what it’s all about, we need to go back a few steps through Scott’s history.

Scottevest Jacket

Like many founders, Mr. Jordan’s jump into the world of entrepreneurship wasn’t his original plan. He started his career as a successful practicing attorney working for a law firm that was one of the largest in Chicago. “From the moment I started, I wanted to quit,” he recalls.

Cut to about ten years ago, when Scott shifted his entrepreneurial spirit to solve a real life problem he faced.  He needed a way to carry and organize all of his gadgets and gear without carrying around a “man-purse.” Since then, Scott has been establishing SCOTTEVEST as the world’s best travel clothing company.

The Truth Is…

Every once in a while, I meet an entrepreneur that pours their heart and soul into what they do. Scott Jordan of SCOTTEVEST from TEC is one of those people.

Beyond the fact that his company creates beautiful tech enabled clothing, he also has some of the best work ethics I’ve encountered, that’s not to say that his journey hasn’t been without a learning curve.

If you ask Scott about the transition from being a lawyer to starting his own multi-million dollar business, he will tell that he never expected to be in the clothing business. He wanted to come up with a great idea, patent it and earn money from licensing deals. SCOTTEVEST started as a proof of concept to show other clothing companies what this concept can do, and hope that if they saw the success of SCOTTEVEST, then they would understand it’s potential and license TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing).

In a sense, TEC was intended to be the main selling point, but SCOTTEVEST became so successful that Scott quickly changed gears and re-focused his on building up the brand, along with the best partner he could wish for at his side, his wife.

Last week I received a package containing a few SCOTTEVEST items, and the first thought that came to mind after trying them on is that the quality and passion put into their clothing comes through loud and clear! Their product line is impressive to say the least, but after trying on the jacket and vest, I couldn’t help but wish that other big name brands would give such attention to detail.

The Travel Vest

With 22 hidden pockets and compartments, SCOTTEVEST’s Men’s Travel Vest remains incredibly lightweight while looking great!.


If you’ve done any traveling lately, you’ll know that Airport security is a pain in the ass. This vest makes getting through airport security a breeze. Simply take off the vest and send it through the x-ray machine with all your gear safely stored inside. It holds so much and save you a ton of time unpacking all your carry-on gadgets.

Scottevest Me

The design element of the Travel Vest is top of the line, with easy-to-grip zip pulls on inside and sleek metal pulls on outside pockets. The vest delivers professional neat stitching and seams. Fabric is a tight weave that feels pleasant, isn’t shiny, looks good and drapes well.

SEV Pack Jacket

The SeV Pack Jacket is super lightweight while still being made from a luxuriously soft 100% poly that is easy to carry and breathable. It’s perfect for spring /fall when the weather can change quickly depending on the time of day. The jacket is hooded and offers water-resistant protection for damp days. If you’re good at Origami, the jacket can be folded flat and stored in one of its own pockets although I have to admit I haven’t tried making that happen yet.

In typical SCOTTEVEST tradition, this jacket doesn’t skimp on pockets. In total, the Pack Jacket has thirteen pockets (yup, thirteen!) and yet weighs in at a mere 9.7 ounces (275g). That’s less than the weight of an iPad mini or almost anything else you’ll put in it.. The construction is carefully engineered around SCOTTEVEST’s Weight Management System. An iPad or Kindle’s weight can be balanced by a camera or other items in pockets on the other side. Having pockets arranged around the left and right sides distributes weight so you can carry an amazing amount of gear and be very comfortable doing so.

This just go to show that no matter what you’re working in, if you pour your heart and soul into it, you win.

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