Quattrocento is Truly a Labor of Love

For those who are artistically inclined, the word Quattrocento encompasses the artistic styles of the late middle Ages and the early Renaissance. In Italian Quattrocento refers to the 15th century, the glorious period of the Italian renaissance, when the Guilds (artisans groups) were celebrities and painters were superheroes. But now there’s a whole new meaning to the word, one that comes in the form of a Luxury Eyewear brand.

Quattrocento is a contemporary eyewear brand, founded in Milan in 2013 by Sharon Ezra and her partner Eugenio Pugliese. Sharon is the designer and product manager while Eugenio is the business developer. The two along with their Tel Aviv based investor and mentor Nimrod May have set on a journey to redefine quality made eyewear a revolutionary price.

In Italy there are many small, independent manufacturers who struggle with fierce competition from the mass produced Chinese alternatives. Quattrocento’s unique value stems from the quality of their work, their product origins, and their loyalty to tradition, in a sense offering the polar opposite of mass production.

Quattrocento has also garnered investment from Avishai Abrahami, Wix CEO and Founder, French telecommunication entrepreneur Xavier Niel, and Kima Ventures.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Sharon Ezra, Product Manager & co-Founder at Quattrocento. When asked about the eyewear’s unique selling point, Sharon shared that their main goal is to deliver unique designs for their customers at very reasonable prices, in a sense bridging the gap between style and affordability.


With their latest ‘POP RENAISSANCE’ collection, Sharon found inspiration from historical locations that evoked passion and creativity, while fusing it with modern the bright colors and liveliness of pop culture. The merging of these two worlds has truly created a one of a kind collection that stands out above most of the eyewear available today.

One of the biggest challenges Quattrocento has faced, much like other young ventures, is the lack of resources. However, the team has been extremely focused on the services they use to make their client’s purchase decisions quicker and more efficient. Most notably by integrating a ‘virtual mirror’ that takes the hassle out of purchasing eye wear online.

On a final word of advice on what it takes to succeed in a hyper competitive industry, Sharon shared two very important takeaways. First, surround yourself with the right people. She was lucky enough to find the perfect partners that have pushed her vision forward. Second, don’t give up, there will never be a lack of obstacles that get in your way. From lack of funds, to logistical issues, launching and managing a retail brand takes a lot of determination, so focus on solutions as opposed to worrying about the challenges.

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