The Hottest Fashion Tech Startups in Israel Right Now

Israel has one of the world’s highest concentrations of startups in the world and is a global leader in research and development. According to recent recently released findings, there’s currently an upward of 40 fashion-centric tech start-ups in Israel right now, with more retail and style-focused companies popping up every year. A quick online search will reveal dozens of posts on why Tel Aviv is such a popular place for tech start-ups, including its proximity to venture capital, its welcoming start-up community, and its nonstop lifestyle. With businesses open around the clock and widely freely accessible Wi-Fi throughout the city, is it any wonder that some of the most creative tech in the fashion scene is stemming our of this tiny country?

The total number of startups is growing at almost 40% year-on-year for Tel Aviv, and 26% for Israel as a whole. It’s particularly interesting to look at it’s fast growing technology scene, specifically in the fashion space. Here are just a few of the up-and-coming fashion forward thinking startups leading in Israeli Fashion Tech.


Adi Shemesh, Founder of TRENCH set out to solve the “I’ve got nothing to wear” frustration, enabling women to continuously get new clothes and accessories for their wardrobes without opening their wallets, and ended up creating a whole new phenomenon. Founded in Tel Aviv, TRENCH is a rapidly growing social network that facilitates the trade of fashion items, links similar minded girls, provides an important management tool for swap parties, and fosters friendships that exceed beyond the borders of the virtual world.


Their goal is to create a worldwide platform for fashion lovers, enabling them to expand their wardrobes and enrich their styles in a way they can only dream of in today’s fashion market.



Trendi Guru is all about the magic in that occurs in the shopping and discovery experience.  Imagine the next time you’re browsing on the web and you see an outfit that you would love to buy, such as on a celebrity or fashion news site like, GQ, or Vogue. Using the Tredi Guru Plugin on a publisher’s website, you would be able to click on the picture, find similar fashion items and purchase them directly from the retailer.

To achevice this serendipitous purchasing experience, Trendi Guru created a 1 line plugin for websites and bloggers to allow their readers to shop the look or similar style inspired by the images they’re looking at. From shopping the look of Kate Middleton, or a streetwear post, Trendi Guru shows similar items to purchase and buy from over 1000 retailers.

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Shopping for clothing online is can be a wonderful convenience, but since you can’t try on the items buyers always take a chance that the clothing might not look or fit right. Zeekit wants to eliminate that hassle with a revolutionary app and web platform that allows buyers to try on clothing virtually before purchasing online.

This fashion-tech breakthrough is the brainchild of 32-year-old Yael Vizel, who was the first woman to command the Israel Air Force (IAF) Telecommunication Officers course and its field and aerial telecommunication crews.

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Want to easily design your own jewelry online? A small yet extraordinary startup, Julbox builds the world’s first online jewelry designing platform that truly allows users almost unlimited freedom to create the jewelry of their dreams.



In addition to the company’s unique design platform, it is also developing technologies for its state-of-the-art production line and fulfillment chain that can support the manufacturing of thousands of unique jewelry designs each month.

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Donde is an online shopping tool that was launched in Israel and has since received sizable funding, as well as opened offices in San Francisco. Donde is the first search tool that allows users to find any fashion item they have in mind with visuals rather then text.

Donde Artificial Intelligence technology imitates the way people visually perceive objects. We developed a proprietary algorithm that combines deep learning and natural language processing to search millions of fashion items from over 6,000 brands in seconds.

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WiShi is a social styling platform where you share your real closet and get personally styled. Members of the WiShi platform can request style advice and get styled by the community (which includes professional stylists). Because of their growing community, no styling request gets ignored!

The WiShi platform allows users to upload photos of their own clothing in order to get personal styling advice.

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Shoppers love browsing Instagram for fashion ideas and trends, the problem is that there’s really no way to purchase items through Instagram images, unless you create sponsored images. INST-ORE offers an alternative. Their smart bio link helps brands & publishers convert their Instgram followers into potential shoppers.



Awear helps Fashion brands increase customer loyalty, understand their customer behavior and product usage post purchase. Awear achieves this by harnessing the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics to help Fashion brands better understand their customer behavior post product purchase.


Using a mobile application consumers will get rewarded for wearing the purchased fashion item and will be offered with targeted promotions at the right time.

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Thanks to “smart leggings” LikeAGlove, you’ll now be able to scour the Internet for the perfect pair of jeans to fit your unique figure in just five seconds. So essentially you become your own personal shopper.

Just put the LikeAGlove garment on in the comfort of your home, stand up, and in seconds the smart fabric will measure your exact shape and send the data over Bluetooth to the LikeAGlove app on your phone or tablet. The app will save your data to your personal account, which you can use within the LikeAGlove search engine to help you find the clothing items you are looking for, and in the right size!

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These forward thinking startups represent just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. The fashion industry is certainly inspiring new tech, and where Isreali entrepreneurs will take cutting-edge technology next is yet to be seen. We for one, will be watching and reporting of the latest fashion tech launches to keep you up to speed!


Know other fashion tech startups that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments. Working on something hot!? reach out to us and we’d love to cover you next.


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