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Many of us have had that daydream of launching our own clothing, or shoe line, but then it hits us. The production costs, distribution costs, and general lack of know-how of where to even begin snaps us back to reality. Luckily now there is a viable option, at least when it comes to launching your own shoe line at least with the launch of AliveShoes.

artist-shoes-alive-shoesAliveShoes makes it easy to design and sell shoes online to anyone. Individuals can create a shop and build a shoe brand, while AliveShoes takes care of the payments, production and shipping. The company was founded by Luca Botticelli, who grew up in a shoe-making family and has spent 17 years working in both digital development and the shoe industry. He’s teamed up with software engineer Marco Ferroni and designer Michele Torresi. All three come from a region in Italy called Le Marche which is known as “The Shoe Valley”, where all of the major brands including Prada and Tod’s design and manufacture shoes.

The problem they’ve set out to solve is to make it easy for anyone to express themselves through their own private label shoe brand. In a sense, they’re giving people the opportunity to access one of the strongest forms of media out there: personalized fashion.

So, how does it work? Very simply actually. You head over to, design amazing shoes, down to the last detail, customize your shop and start selling. AliveShoes takes care of production, shipping, and most importantly billing so you can focus on creating.

Imagine being able to design and sell shoes through your own brand, with no startup costs. Well that’s exactly what new start up Alive Shoes is offering budding designers out there. Alive Shoes provides a powerful design platform for you to design your own shoes, customize your own labels and packaging and then sell them through your own brand page on their ecommerce platform. Alive Shoes then organizes all the manufacturing and shipping.



AliveShoes Luca Botticelli had this to share about the production of the shoes. “There are many reasons why we’re making the shoes in Italy and not elsewhere, let’s say somewhere in Asia. First, the quality is much better. We use only the finest materials; anyone can distinguish the difference between quality leather, textiles. suede, even recyclable rubber. We’re eco-friendly from the start and we’re refining our entire process to reduce the environmental impact. Our shoes are not only personal – they are made to last. “

Clearly the team over at AliveShoes also has very strong online business sense, as they’ve hit the top of ProductHunt for ‘Future of Fashion’ products.

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